CERC ACTC Launches New Website

CERC’s Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (ACTC) aims to advance the technologies needed to safely, effectively, and efficiently utilize coal resources, which includes capturing, storing, and utilizing the emissions from coal use. CERC ACTC was established in 2010, and is currently in its second phase. West Virginia University leads this consortium. For more details, visit the […]

CERC BEE Industrial Advisory Board member discusses how CERC is advancing smart building solutions and technologies

Watch Clay Nesler, Vice President of Global Sustainability and Industry Initiatives at Johnson Controls Inc. and a CERC BEE Industrial Advisory Board member, discuss how the US-China Clean Energy Research Center Building Energy Efficiency (CERC BEE) program is advancing smart buildings and technologies and creating economic development opportunities for the United States.

CERC CVC Hosts Annual Meeting in Hangzhou, China

CERC-CVC’s 2017 annual meeting took place at Hangzhou International Expo Center, Hangzhou, China, Nov 9-10, 2017. Over 80 attendees from academia and industry in the United States and China participated in the meeting. Keynote presentations were given by Alan Yu, Director, Office of Asian Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy; Don Hillebrand, U.S. CERC-CVC Director; and […]

ACTC Hosts Annual Meeting in Kentucky for U.S. and China Researchers

Advanced Coal Technology Consortium (ACTC) researchers from the U.S. and China developed annual work plans and identified promising collaborative opportunities for accelerating R&D at the ACTC Annual Meeting held from 12-15 September 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. It was ACTC’s second joint Annual Meeting of CERC’s second phase. Co-chaired by U.S. ACTC Director James Wood from […]

CERC BEE Drafts Groundbreaking Joint IP Agreement

U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Building Energy Efficiency (CERC-BEE) researchers — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), and ICF International (ICF) from the United States and the China Academy of Building Research (CABR) from China — recently drafted CERC’s first U.S.-China joint intellectual property (IP) agreement for the development of an open-source, […]

CERC TRUCK launches new website

The Clean Energy Research Center – Truck Research Utilizing Collaborative Knowledge Consortium (CERC-TRUCK) brings together academia, national laboratories, and industry into a consortium of exceptional intellectual strength and expertise in key engineering disciplines. The Consortium was announced in 2015 and is led in the U.S. by the Argonne National Laboratory. For more details, visit the […]

U.S., Chinese officials outline agreed-upon areas for TRUCK research

CERC officials from the U.S. and China agreed on mutually beneficial areas for collaborative research for CERC’s fifth and newest research track on medium- and heavy-duty trucks, called Truck Research Utilizing Collaborative Knowledge (also referred to as CERC TRUCK). The research areas are defined in a Joint Work Plan (JWP), which is signed by CERC representatives from both countries. CERC officials […]

8th Steering Committee meeting held in Beijing, China

In July 2016, the Steering Committee met to review CERC’s projects and discuss the future work and planning for the second phase (2016-2020). A signing ceremony was held for the Protocol Amendment, the Joint Work Plans for the second phase of CERC, and the Letters of Endorsements for Technology Management Plans for CVC and WET. […]

CERC releases Annual Report 2014-2015 and Review of CERC Phase 1

CERC released its Annual Report for the 15-month period ending in December 2015. The Annual Report highlights achievements from CERC’s first phase (2011-2015), and lays out plans for CERC’s second phase (2016-2020). Specifically, it includes highlights of: Phase 1 Accomplishments that accelerate technology development, strengthen bilateral engagement, improve IP protection, and expedite market uptake of low-carbon […]